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Crypto Catalysts for Wildlife Protection.

The creators of the WBD token on the XRP Ledger.

Support us in these early stages and together, we'll unlock endless possibilities for WBD.

All while contributing to meaningful change in our world.

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What we’re building

An intuitive platform for exchanging leading cryptocurrencies for WBD, granting you full access to the perks offered to WBD holders. Meanwhile, your traded tokens actively contribute to generating additional revenue for animal charities worldwide.

A universally accessible NFT marketplace with exclusive sections reserved for WBD holders. NFT games will be developed that utilize the WBD token and NFTs. The Games we have planned are like nothing ever seen before and we can’t wait to start work on them!

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Roadmap to success

Following this road map alongside proper marketing of WildByDesign and the WBD ecosystem we will:

  • Establish a sustainable, ongoing source of income for charitable organizations.
  • Foster Web3 integration through NFT projects to benefit charities.
  • Cultivate a dynamic ecosystem for the WBD token that incentivizes both holding and trading, while also attracting newcomers to Web3.
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Using Swapped Tokens to generate donations

- Staking

- Liquidity Provision

- Exchange Savings Accounts

Lending PRoviders

Yield Farming

At WildByDesign, we're committed to harnessing the potential of the tokens you swap for WBD to create a lasting impact for charities. When you swap your crypto tokens on our platform, we will put them to work through a carefully managed and risk-conscious approach. Our strategy includes staking within blockchain networks, providing liquidity on decentralized exchanges, utilizing exchange savings accounts, lending through trusted providers, and participating in yield farming opportunities within the DeFi ecosystem. By doing so, we generate interest, ensuring a secure, sustainable, and long-term income stream for animal charities around the world. Your swaps not only power our commitment to making a positive difference in the world, they also get you access to many benefits by holding some WBD!

Transparency is at the core of our project. We understand the importance of trust and accountability. Users will have access to a comprehensive dashboard, enabling them to track their contributed tokens and the progress toward our donation goals. This transparency extends to real-time visibility into which tokens are currently in use earning interest, when these earnings are scheduled for donation, and the recipients of these contributions. We will also prioritize risk management; tokens will be prudently deployed to minimize exposure, ensuring that we seize optimal opportunities to maximize income while safeguarding all swapped tokens. This approach underscores our commitment to making every token count in our quest to support animal charities.

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Why the xrp ledgeR?

- Environmental Sustainability/Performance Excellence

We chose the XRP Ledger for our project for several reasons. Firstly, its eco-friendly design aligns with our sustainability goals while offering remarkable speed, scalability, and cost-effective transactions.

- Security and Stability

Secondly, the XRP Ledger's impressive security and stability track record instils confidence in both our team and users. Its unique consensus mechanism and the absence of energy-intensive mining, which often poses environmental concerns in other blockchain networks, contribute to its resiliency against security breaches.

- Innovation and Adaptability

the XRP Ledger's continual evolution through systematic amendments enhances its attractiveness as a development platform. These ongoing updates are designed to improve efficiency, introduce new features, and address emerging challenges. This commitment to innovation ensures that our project can adapt to the ever-evolving landscape of blockchain technology, allowing us to offer cutting-edge solutions and services to our users.

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